Yamaha Stage Custom Hip 4-Piece Kit with Hardware (20, 10, 13FT, 13SN) – Matte Surf Green




Stage Custom Hip All-Birch Shells with Crosstown Hardware Pack

The Stage Custom Hip provides big sound in a compact configuration. 100% birch shells with a small footprint make it ideal for tight spaces – the perfect solution for drummers on the go.

20″ x 8″ Bass Drum
The 20″ bass drum projects rich bass tones of a regular set with a shallow shell to save space on the gig or in the practice room.

Floor Tom with Snare
The floor tom comes equipped with 20-strand snares and can be transformed into a deep, 13″ snare drum. This allows you to play variety of musical genres without having to carry an extra snare drum.

Compact Size
With its small footprint, the Stage Custom Hip is compact enough to set up in even the smallest of venues without sacrificing sound and functionality.

100% Birch Shells
The 6-ply, 100% birch shell that has become synonymous with Yamaha drums, combines the rich, mid-range sound characteristics of birch with an expressive shell resonance that works in a variety of settings and musical genres.

Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack
Yamaha’s Advanced Lightweight Hardware set is the result of R&D with artists and designers examining the absolute lightest a hardware stand can be while maintaining the durability and strength drummers have come to expect from Yamaha Hardware. Yamaha has made the ultimate contribution in the category of lightweight hardware for the gigging drummer that has to move their gear every day.

Kit Configuration
20″ x 8″ Bass Drum
13″ x 8″ Floor Tom
10″ x 5″ Tom Tom
13″ x 5″ Snare

Hardware Configuration
2 x CS3 Lightweight Cymbal Stand
1 x HHS3 Lightweight Hi-hat Stand
1 x SS3 Lightweight Snare Stand

Hoop Material: Triple Flange Hoop, Steel / 1.5 mm (FT / TT / SD), Wood Hoop – Natural Wood Colour (BD)
Lugs Type: One-Piece with Lug Insertion Plate
Shell Material: All Birch (6-Ply)
• Top: TT : Yamaha Coated, SD / FT: Yamaha Coated
• Bottom: TT : Yamaha Clear, SD / FT:Yamaha Snare Side
• Front: Yamaha Smooth White with Ring Mute
• Batter: Yamaha Clear with Ring Mute
Tom Mount: Direct Mount
Hardware Clamp: CL940LB All-Round Ball Clamp (Long Rod)

*Cymbals and kick pedal not included.



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