Wampler Dracarys High-Gain Distortion Pedal




Brian Wamplers ability to distill the playing experience of a cranked guitar amp into a box that fits on your pedalboard makes him among the premier effects builders in the world. So when he came across the genre-defining tones on Ola Englunds YouTube channel, the gauntlet was thrown down. He had to create a pedal that contained that same searing gain, percussive low end, unparalleled note clarity. He had to create the Dracarys.

• Designed by one of the most respected names in distortion and overdrive
• Inspired by the powerful sound of Ola Englund
• Nails todays modern, tight, high-gain, cutting metal tone
• Musical and useable tones throughout the range of each control



Wampler Pedals. Wampler Pedals is a company located in Martinsville, Indiana that produces effects units to be used with guitar and bass guitar as well as guitar amplifiers. Founded by Brian Wampler in 2007, Wampler Pedals is considered part of the boutique guitar pedal industry.


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