Wampler Brent Mason Hot Wired v2 Pedal




Wampler Hot Wired v2, Brent Mason Signature, Overdrive / Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal, Two Channels, Volume, Tone, Bass Boost, Power Supply Sold Separately.

The v2 brings you a broader range of subtlety in channel 1. You can still find the chickin’ pickin’ tones, but you can also find a deeper, warmer overdrive section that will allow you to play as smooth as you like. With the added blend control, you can get your fat tone without it sounding too overdriven. Channel 2 still has the same “British Plexi” flavour that Brent loves. One channel of the Hot Wired has all your overdrive needs, from a gentle break up to all out crunch, the other gives loads of fat, creamy distortion that is tonally perfect from top to bottom. If need be you can stack them both together for a huge, huge sound.



Wampler Pedals. Wampler Pedals is a company located in Martinsville, Indiana that produces effects units to be used with guitar and bass guitar as well as guitar amplifiers. Founded by Brian Wampler in 2007, Wampler Pedals is considered part of the boutique guitar pedal industry.


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