Vertex Steel String Clean Drive Pedal




The Steel String faithfully recreates the tones and feel of the iconic Dumble Steel String Singer amp in stompbox format. An original Dumble can cost an arm and leg and so this is easily the most affordable way for you to achieve that tone without buying the amp.

It’ll take care of tones from overdrive to fat boost, compression, EQ shaping and more.

Here’s what Vertex say about the Steel String

The Steel String Clean Drive faithfully recreates the tonality and feel of the iconic Dumble Steel String Singer amplifier in a stompbox format. Designed alongside a real Steel String Singer (#001), this 100% analog tone tool will do it all from Overdrive, to Fat Boost, to Compression, to EQ shaping and more. Get the unmistakable Crystal-Clear Overdrive and Fat Clean Tones from albums like “Texas Flood”, “Venus Isle”, and “Continuum” through any clean amp platform.


  • Designed alongside the “Real Deal” Dumble Steel String Singer (SN 001)
  • Authentic D-style tone, touch-sensitivity, and warmth
  • True Bypass
  • Assembled in California
  • 9-18VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included)



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