SwirlyGig Drink Holder – Black


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The Original SwirlyGig drink holder holds most common beverage containers. Use it for cans, glasses, water and beer bottles, or as a place to hold other items like drumsticks, remote controls, headphones, capos, reeds, pencils and picks. The basket is made of resilient spring steel, then coated in protective PVC for grip and durability. The inside measures 3 inches by 4 inches.

There is no assembly, nothing to adjust, lose or break. Simply slip your SwirlyGig on and let friction and gravity do the work.



SwirlyGig Industries started with a simple question “where do I put my drink while playing music” … thus the SwirlyGig was born. We incorporated in 2004 with the Original SwirlyGig as our flagship product. Musicians and stage artists quickly adopted the stylish drink holder making it a ubiquitous sight on stages all over the world. As the popularity of the Original SwirlyGig grew, we added products to meet customer demands. We also discovered that it’s not just musicians using SwirlyGigs. At present we have 15 items that we sell in the music, medical, boating and outdoor industries. Our products are for sale in over 500 retail stores across the country and every product is made in the US.


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