Sonor DP 4000 Bass Drum Double Pedal with Bag




Sonor DP 4000 Double Pedal, bass drum pedal with “triple P” foot plate (perfect pressure point), features a new post construction, a new designed hoop clamp mechanism (accessible from the side of the pedal), infinite beater adjustment, ball bearing footboard connection, and comes with a sturdy bag.

The pedal beaters are located closer to the bass drum head which helps for a direct, balanced and powerful play.


• New footboard design
• Independent pillar construction
• Infinite adjustment of beater holder
• Includes pedal bag
• Ball bearing hinge at heel plate
• New Bass Drum hoop clamp
• 2-way beater
• New base plate, anti-slipping
• Double chain drive
• Sturdy Double Pedal connection rod, taken from Giant Step Series



Sonor is a German musical instrument manufacturing company headquartered in Berlin. ... Sonor currently manufactures drum kits and hardware. Apart from drum kits, Sonor also manufactured a wide range of other percussion instruments through its history.


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