The Recording King Songwriter 30 is a high-quality two-channel acoustic instrument amplifier with balanced high-fidelity studio-monitor clarity and detail. Easy to use, compact, lightweight and portable, the Recording King A-30 has all the features you need to amplify your acoustic instrument and voice, without the complications of excessive “bells and whistles.”

  • 2 channels
  • Channel 1 controls: gain, bass, middle, treble, and high/low input sensitivity
  • Channel 2  controls: gain, bass, and treble
  • Master volume
  • Master reverb
  • 1 full range 10″ speaker


Recording King

Recording King is a musical instruments brand currently owned by The Music Link Corporation, based in Hayward, California, which also produces other musical instrument lines. Range of products commercialised under the Recording King brand are acoustic and resonator guitars, and banjos. Beginning as a house brand in the 1930’s for Montgomery Ward, Recording King acoustic guitars and banjos were developed during the Golden Age of musical craftsmanship, a period that resulted in some of the most well-respected and sought-after fretted acoustic instruments available. Building on this piece of American history, Recording King instruments uphold the name's historic legacy using vintage designs and hand-assembled parts. Each instrument has the look, feel and sound of the classic models with impeccable workmanship and enhancements for contemporary players. All Recording King models are made for the long-term – you can hand a Recording King instrument down from generation to generation.


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