RB Drums RB5B Maple Drum Sticks – Wooden Tip




Maple Drum Sticks, Pair, 5A, Wooden Tip, RB Drums Item RB5B.


RB Drums

RB Drums has been dedicated to manufacturing batteries and pedals since 2000.. Our drum sticks are made with two or three different woods, for greater tonal registration; with excellent finish and quality control. Our drums represent a point of union between art and science. From our beginnings until today, this discipline has been growing and integrating knowledge such as: mathematics, physics, acoustics, techniques, etc., which are combined with balance, sensitivity of a unique and personalized musical instrument. And if we say that it is unique, it is because it is born from the expression of a person in constant investigation and evolution and his integration with another: the musician. Founded: 2000 Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


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