Radial StageBug SB-2 Passive DI Box



Radial StageBug SB-2, Passive DI Box, Radial Item R800 0120 00.

The Radial SB-2 is a compact, passive direct box that is designed primarily for buffered sources such as active acoustic guitar, keyboard and electric bass. When hit hard, the SB-2s passive circuitry naturally rounds out the peaks, producing a warm, pleasing tone. A unique stereo-to-mono merge function enhances functionality by enabling stereo keyboards to be connected and mixed mono to save channels on the PA. The compact design makes it perfect for traveling between gigs.

• Passive DI box for bass, acoustic and keyboard
• 15dB reduction switch for higher-output instruments
• Transformer isolation eliminates nasty hum and buzz caused by ground loops.



Radial Engineering is based in Port Coquitlam, BC, a short drive from Vancouver. A longstanding reputation for bringing reliable and tough-as-nails problem solvers to the market means you will see Radial products on stages and in studios world-wide. These products include the world's finest direct boxes, splitters and audio interfacing devices. As the maker of some of the best pro audio gear in the business Radial’s products have graced the stages and studios of many of music's biggest acts including Rush, U2, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Al Schmitt, and Elliot Scheiner, among many others. In business since 1992, the company is responsible for what are arguably two of the best direct boxes on the market, the JDI and the J48. Radial products are also regularly chosen by audio/video integrators for use in non-music applications but where pristine audio is required. With approximately 100 employees, Radial boasts in-house research and development, and engineering and production departments where all the products are proudly Canadian-made. An extensive network of dealers and distributors makes Radial product available around the world.


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