PRS SE P20E Parlor Acoustic With Fishman SonoTone Satin Black

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PRS’s P20 and P20E guitars are Paul Reed Smith’s newest model in their SE acoustic series. The P20 is a beautiful, parlor-style guitar made out of solid Mahogany with a short-scale neck. Its small frame makes it perfect for younger players or for travel. However, do not be put off by its size; the PRS P20 and P20E guitars pack in a lot of great sound in its small frame.

PRS P20 and P20E guitars have a powerful mid-range. They produce a balanced sound that requires minimal EQ and sits well in any mix. As a result, the P20 and P20E are great options for studio recording. The power of the mid-range also helps the sound to cut through a live mix without making the highs and the lows to weak or “tinny.” The P20E comes with a great pickup system pre-installed. If you like the sound without a pickup or if you want to install your own, you can go with the P20. Either way, the sound and size of the PRS P20 and P20E guitars are perfect for nearly any situation, whether it’s the recording studio, the stage, or a casual home jam-session.

The look is a breathtaking vintage-meets-classic. It comes in three colors; original brown Mahogany, matte black top with a white pickguard, and solid matte black. The nut and bridge are made out of bone with an elegant bird fretboard inlay. The headstock, though seemingly out of place, is a beautiful homage to PRS’s long history of electric guitars in its shape accompanied by vintage, white tuning pegs. Really, this guitar is a work of art.

The guitars are available in Satin Black, Satin Charcoal or Satin Mahogany finishes.


Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, also known as PRS Guitars, is an American guitar and amplifier manufacturer located in Stevensville, Maryland. Founded in 1985 in Annapolis, Maryland by Paul Reed Smith, the brand has become renowned for their highly figured maple tops, high quality craftsmanship, and innovative guitar designs. Products currently manufactured by PRS include electric & acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers.


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