Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set 4/4 – Ball End, Gold-E




Expressive, Complex, Nuanced
Evah Pirazzi strings are made to stand out. Designed with soloists in mind and revered for their huge projection capability and complex sound. Suitable for acoustic and electric violins, Evah Pirazzi strings translate every detail of your playing into beautiful, nuanced sounds. Resistant to changes in climate and maintain tuning even in extreme situations.

Synthetic-Core Strings
Pirastro strings utilize a synthetic multi-filament fiber core, exclusively utilized for its unmatched wide range of sounds, resistance to variations in temperature and humidity, and vast dynamic range. Each string is tailored with an outer-winding to amplify the potential of your instrument’s entire range- no matter the volume or style of your playing.

• Modern synthetic core strings
• Very intensive and powerful
• Excellent for soloists
• Complex sound, rich with overtones
• Suitable for acoustic and electric violins

Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium
End: Ball-End
Core Material: Synthetic Multifilament Fibre
Outer Material:
E: Goldsteel
A: Aluminum
D: Silver
G: Silver



Pirastro are known throughout the world for the tonality and quality of their strings. They offer comprehensive choice for the musician from gut (Oliv) to synthetic (Tonica, Evah Pirazzi) or steel (Chromcor). Because of the quality of both their strings and rosin, PIRASTRO has become the byword for a sound which is both beautiful and reliable. As a result, a great number of string musicians play and recommend PIRASTRO strings. With their tonal flexibility and expressive power, PIRASTRO strings have inspired musicians to create their own unique sound by taking full advantage of their instruments best qualities. Each individual string in the PIRASTRO line has been meticulously crafted to provide musicians with an unsurpassed choice in tonal colors. Musicians can choose from the complete range of gut strings (e.g. Passione and Oliv) to synthetic strings (such as Evah Pirazzi and Tonica) or steel (e.g. Flexocor and Chromcor). Finally, PIRASTRO rosins are designed specifically for use with PIRASTRO strings and this combination is responsible, in no small part, for the excellent world-renowned PIRASTRO sound.


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