Orange Amplifiers Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ Pedal – Black





As a traditional stompbox the Bax Bangeetar is in a class of its own, boasting a unique and hugely versatile gain structure with extensive EQ controls. Dial in an enormous range of overdriven and distorted tones, delivered with a feel and responsiveness rarely found in pedals. Beyond that, though, this preamp pedal is an invaluable tool, allowing you to tailor your tone to any setup with absolute precision via its parametric mid controls.

Find and eliminate problem frequencies in certain guitars and amps, shape broad mid ‘scoops’ or boost anywhere on the mid spectrum to suit any style. Plug straight into the front of an amp as a standalone drive pedal, or plug into the effects return to make the donor amp ‘disappear’! Whatever your rig, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

For even more flexibility, the second output takes your sound and passes it through a CabSim circuit, recreating the frequency response of a mic’d Orange 412″ cab, ideal for direct recording or even connecting to a PA. Whether on stage or in the studio, the nature and scope of its controls mean there isn’t a situation where the Bax Bangeetar wouldn’t be welcome.

• Wide gain range covers a massive breadth of overdrive and distortion without ever sounding compromised
• Soundsremain articulate and tight across the gain range, without the use of back-to-back diode clipping techniques found in most pedals
• Baxandall EQ with full parametric mid controls
• Ultra transparent buffered bypass ensures no degradation and no loss of clarity or high end
• Internal charge pump doubles the internal voltage to 18V from a 9V source
• Can run on a single standard 9V battery, or an external regulated AC-DC adapter
• CabSim faithfully emulates the sound of a mic’d Orange 40th Anniversary PPC412 412 cabinet, loaded with Celestion G12H 30 speakers
• Regular and CabSim outputs can be used independently or simultaneously

• Top panel (right to left): Volume, Frequency, Q, Mid, (Below) Gain, Bottom, Top
• Finish options: Black or White enclosure
• Power: 9V battery operation or 9V-12V DC adapter. Max current draw 81MA
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 19.8 9.2 x 12.8cm (12.01 x 11.42 x 6.88″)
• Weight: 1.6kg (3.52lb)



Orange Music Electronic Company is an English amplifier manufacturing company, famous for its distinctive sound and bright orange Tolex-like covering on amplifier heads and speaker cabinets. Orange also manufactures amplifiers for bass guitar, speaker cabinets for instrument amplifiers and combination amplifiers.


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