Microh 30mW Green Scanning Laser Effect w/Remote




The MINI VIRUS is a compact 30mw Green Scanning laser effect. Although it is a compact unit, it delivers a great light show. Designed for Mobile DJ’s, Small Night Club’s, Banquet Halls and Restaurants. Controlled by a wireless remote, it can be easily changed from one effect to the next. Also has Auto and Sound Active modes.

1. Laser diode: DPSS, Red 650nm, Green 532nm

2. Power supply – DC12V. Adaptor: AC110V–240V, 50/60Hz

3. Laser power – Green 30mW

4. Motor – N1.8 high precision step motor

5. Control mode – Sound control/AUTO, Wireless Remote Control

6. Dimensions – 27 19 13cm

7. Net weight – 0.7KG

8 .Gross weight – 0.85KG



Microh is a pioneer in leading the industry with quality performing LED Lighting products starting from the basic LEDP64 par can and LEDBAR with expansion into high powered LED par cans and moving heads. Laser and Audio product have also been part of the growth expanding Microh into a full line of products for the entertainment industry. Founding Date: 1989


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