Hercules Stands GS414B+ Upgraded Auto Grip Hanging Single Guitar Stand




The Hercules Guitar Stand GS414B+ features the upgraded auto grip system (AGS) yoke, instant height adjustment clutch and specially formulated foam (SFF) rubber on all contact points.


• The upgraded auto grip system accommodates a wider range of string instrument neck sizes from 40 mm-52 mm (1.57 in-2.05 in)
• The included NINA (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) is specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to hold instrument neck sizes as narrow as 28 mm (1.10 in)
• Easier adjustment: The instant height adjustment clutch with locking pin makes stand height adjustments easy
• Stronger grip on surfaces: The upgraded foot pads increase ground friction to provide maximum security for instruments



OUR MISSION. Every stand symbolizes a solution; inspired by musicians like you, from all over the world, to give your instrument the respectful rest it deserves. Ground-breaking development, refined construction and leading global function are the three guiding principles of HERCULES STANDS.


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