Gibraltar 4700pk Double Braced Drum Hardware Pack




Gibraltar’s 4700 Series lightweight hardware pack includes all the stands needed for a basic drum set. These stands feature low-mass double braced construction with double braced tripod, hinged height adjustment with nylon bushings for no metal-to-metal contact.


• Cast hinged height adjustment points
• Fine adjust geared cymbal tilter
• Low-mass double braced tripods

Pack includes:

4706 Double Braced Lightweight Snare Stand
4707 Double Braced Lightweight Hi Hat Stand
4709 Double Braced Lightweight Boom Stand
4710 Double Braced Lightweight Cymbal Stand
4711SC Chain Drive Single Pedal



Gibraltar Hardware is a maker of drumset and percussion hardware. ... Gibraltar hardware packs are standard for current Gretsch Drums kits. In 2014, the brand became part of Drum Workshop, a family-owned and operated designer and manufacturer of drums and hardware headquartered in Oxnard, California.


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