Elliott Guitar Capo McKinney




  • Bail latch top bar
  • McKinney style saddle
  • McKinney style capo manufactured by Elliott Capos

The McKinney-Elliott Guitar Capo continues a time-honored tradition of high quality capo manufacturing. It is hand-crafted from stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The unique saddle utilizes a frame guide and tang, designed to keep the capo aligned over the fret board. The saddle is padded with genuine leather to protect your instrument’s finish.

History of the McKinney Guitar Capo by Elliott Capos

The McKinney-Elliott Guitar Capo is based on the original design by Tom McKinney. The McKinney guitar capo by Elliott Capos features the McKinney style saddle and bail latch top bar design. Elliott Capos is the only authorized manufacturer of the McKinney guitar capo. This relationship has been in place since 2005.

“After 32 years of development and design, the McKinney Capo is in the very capable hands of Phill Elliott, and is now the McKinney-Elliott capo, and I look forward to a long partnership with Phill, who makes the best capo in the world!” –Tom McKinney



To meet The Elliott Capo high standard of quality, each capo is carefully machined, surface finished and assembled in our shop out of high quality stainless steel. All of our capos are studio quality, designed for accurate tuning and rich tone characteristics. Multiple models are available for the various neck widths and radiuses for both the Guitar and Banjo. Custom sizes are also available with adequate information and measurements on a very limited basis.


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