Diago Gigman Pedalboard (Inside Dimension 40”x 17 3/4”)




Keep all of your pedals in one easy to reach and easy to set up location with the Diago PB02 Gigman Pedalboard!

A Diago Pedal Board is the most convenient way to organize, protect and transport your effects pedals. It combines a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making it ideal for transporting your gear between home, gigs and practices. It makes set-up and take-down quick and easy, and is great for storing your pedals at home, so that they can be neatly hidden away from your wife/mum/significant other.

Undo the catches, remove the lid, plug in your guitar, amp and power supply and you’re ready to rock and roll. Easy!

  • • Diago PB02 Gigman Features
  • • Hold 12-16 pedals
  • • Made of strong half-inch plywood covered with black heavy-duty fabric
  • • Rubber feet underneath and one side of case
  • • All corners armor-protected
  • • Two heavy-duty catches with lock ring
  • • Handle slides back into position when not in use
  • • Two quick-release hinges on back
  • • Detachable lid with foam-padded inside
  • • Velcro included
  • • Pedalboard base is completely covered with very strong industrially-graded Velcro
  • Extremely strong, well thought out and well built




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