Charvel Guitar Logo Barstool Black/Yellow 24″




This barstool features a yellow Charvel® guitar logo on the matte black seat, and four classic Charvel guitar ® logos in black complimenting the yellow perimeter. Available in both 24″ and 30″ heights. It has a matte finish seat cushion and Matte Black finished legs. The heavily padded swivel seat gives you extended comfort during those long rehearsals or recording sesions. The 24″ model is perfect for the lesson studio or display floor in front of your wall of shred and pedal demo areas while the 30″ model is great for stage performances and is the perfect height for use in video studios, pod casts and YouTube shoots.



Charvel is a brand of electric guitars founded in the 1970s by Wayne Charvel in Azusa and headquartered in Glendora, both cities in California. Presently it is owned by Fender.


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