BK Butler Tube Works TD-752 Combo Amp With Matching 1 x 12 Cab “USED”



“USED” BK Butler Tube Works Tube Driver Amp TD-752 Guitar Amp 1 x 12 Combo 100
Watts 2 Channel w/reverb and Foot switch With a matching Tube Works 1 x 12 Cabinet !

1990’S Tube Works TD-752 combo amp with 12″ speaker and built in tube driver, with reverb. Super Loud & Works Great !!!
The Tube Driver TD-752 is a two channel 100 watt amp with spring reverb. It has an effect send/receive and a footswitch for switching between the channels and turning on/off the reverb. It also has a line out and a second speaker output to Drive an external cabinet. The clean channel is all solid state, and the overdrive channel has a 12ax7 preamp. It also has a Switch (not footswitchable) to combine the clean and overdrive channels. The Tube-Works company is now owned by Genz Benz, and I contacted them for some extra information on it and this is what they told me: This amp was made in denver in the 90’s and designed by BK Butler (of the tube driver pedal Fame). The speaker is rated for 75 watts and was custom made for Tube Driver by Eminence. Basically, It has all the features you can get in an amp that doesn’t model. // 9

Sound: It’s a fairly small amp so it works great in an apartment, but this amp also gets loud.  Even at high volumes, the clean channel retains it’s clarity. The clean channel has the standard high/mid/low eq control.The Tube channel, I believe, has the same (or almost the same) circuitry of the Tube Driver pedal. It has gain and volume knobs as well as a three band eq. At high gains, this amp can get pretty heavy, a “hit the lights” tone. At medium gains you can get good led zeppelin and at lower gains you can get a bluesy sound.


Tube Works

Tube Works was distributed by Genz Benz.. Tubeworks amplifiers were designed by legendary audio engineer B.K. Butler, who created the MosValve amp, a combination Tube / solid state Hybrid.


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