Behringer 1202FX Xenyx 12 Inputs & 2 Bus Mixer with Effects




The new XENYX Mic Preamp matches the sound quality, transparency, headroom and even the dynamic range of boutique-style, stand-alone mic preamps.
The XENYX FX mixers incorporate a new studio-grade 24-bit FX processor. Get 100 real-world and awesome effect presets at your fingertips.

Our neo-classicBritish EQbrings back the warmth and musicality of those 60s and 70s mega-console desks that made music history.

With close to one million units sold, the UB mixer series has become one of the most popular mixer series of all times that has no doubt connected musicians all over the world. Our new XENYX mixers will take you to an even higher plane.

The XENYX 1202FX has 12 inputs and a FX Send control for each channel. Additionally, assignable CD/tape inputs have been incorporated for routing flexibility.



Behringer is an audio equipment company founded by the Swiss engineer Uli Behringer on January 25, 1989, in Willich, Germany. Behringer was listed as the 14th largest manufacturer of music products in 2007. ... Though originally a German manufacturer, the company now makes its products in China.


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