BeaverCreek BCAMP-5A Acoustic/Electric Combo Amp



BeaverCreek BCAMP-5A Acoustic/Electric Combo Amp

Acoustic 5W Portable Amplifer
Battery powered
Optional 9V AC
Headphone input
Aux input
Uses an optional PW-CT-9V power adapter.



We Are BeaverCreek.  The manufacturer of BeaverCreek guitars has over 40 years of experience in designing, building, and distributing instruments worldwide. They continue to manufacture for several well-known and respected brand names in the music industry. In 2001, the BeaverCreek guitar brand was born and distribution, marketing, and sales efforts were targeted in the Canadian market, offering a wide range of instruments that fill many product niches. Whether at home or in the classroom, outdoors or in the studio, BeaverCreek instruments are well suited for all players at any skill level.


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