Ampeg BA-108 15W 8 Inch Bass Combo Amp




Small Combo. Big Tone.

Ampegs BA-108 8″ Bass Combo delivers classic Ampeg tone and performance-driven features in a highly-affordable package ideal for practice. Perfect for small spaces, the new 60-degree monitoring angle delivers unmatched clarity. With front-facing controls and features built for silent practice, the Ampeg BA-108 is the most professional practice amp for the money.


Classic Ampeg tone

    • 20 watts RMS power


    • 8″ Ampeg Custom8 speaker


  • Legacy Ampeg preamp with 3-band EQ

Modern flexibility

    • True 60 sound reinforcement monitor angle


    • Aux input for playing along with smartphone or iPod


    • Headphone output for silent solo practice


  • -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control

Rugged portability

    • Protective all-steel amp chassis


    • Impact-resistant black metal corners


    • Durable double-thick Ampeg Classic black Tolex


    • Lightweight, portable design


  • 28.0 lbs / 12.7kg



Ampeg is a manufacturer best known for its bass amplifiers. Originally established in 1946 in Linden, New Jersey by Everitt Hull and Stanley Michaels as "Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs," today Ampeg is part of the Yamaha Guitar Group.


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