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Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller
The DMX Operator Pro is a 2-in-1 stage lighting control board that can function as both an intelligent lighting controller and a PAR can dimmer.

Equipped with a total of 136 DMX channels, the DMX Operator Pro uses 128 of its channels for intelligent lighting control and 8 for PAR can dimming/on/off. Designed to offer the convenience of total lighting control from a single board, the DMX Operator Pro is great for small- to-mid-size theaters, concerts, churches, touring companies, or any stage production where both PAR cans and DMX special effects are used.

The DMX Operator Pro is also ideal for current users of conventional stage lighting who are considering making the technological leap to intelligent DMX effects in the future.

In addition to being a hybrid, the DMX Operator Pro offers many other features designed to make life easy for lighting directors. It is modeled after LSC’s extremely popular DMX Operator intelligent lighting controller with PAR can capabilities added.

Product: DMX Operator Pro
2 Controllers in One:
Intelligent and Dimmer ON/OFF
. 136 total DMX Channels:
128 channels for Intelligent & 8 Channels for Par Cans
Intelligent (128 channels):
. 8 individual fixtures each with 16 DMX channels
. 96 programmable scenes
. 8 programmable chases with fade and speed control
DIMMER / ON/OFF (8 channels):
. 8 individual channels
. 96 programmable scenes
. 6 programmable chases with fade and speed control
. Back-up memory using a 32 MB Compact Flash Card
. Fog Machine trigger button
. DMX Patching
. Tap Sync
. Fixture Group function
. Step/Mix Sequence function: automatically sequences your chases


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