AER Compact Mobile Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo


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  • AER Compact Mobile, Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo, Black, 60W, 2-Channel, 1×8″, AER Model COMPACT-MOBILE/2.
  • A system for acoustic instruments that provides AER sound and quality everywhere, independent from the mains.

    Based on the Compact 60, thus identical in sound, but with adapted technology and slightly changed dimensions, you can play up to 4 hours without the mains. Whether you choose to play in the old town or on a glacier, the sound is always clear and omnipresent.
    In case of insufficient battery power the intelligent power control gives a warning and saves you from lack of power during performance. Moreover it prevents the batteries from being completely exhausted.

    • 60 watts, battery powered
    • 8″ (200 mm) twin cone speaker
    • Twin channel, 3-/2-band eq
    • Digital effects
    • Up to 4 hours performance independent from the mains
    • Dimensions 12.8 x 12.9 x 11.1 in
    • Weight: 28.7 lbs




We are primarily sellers of amplifier-systems developed for the use with acoustic instruments. In this regard, numerous technical obstacles needed to be mastered in order to ensure that the resulting sound is light, mellow and fresh, as well as making sure it reaches the very last member of the audience to bring a smile to their face. To do this, selected components, specially made loudspeakers, extremely efficient power amplifiers, well-proportioned power supplies and cleverly design dynamic control technology are employed. But that isn‘t everything. That„mystical element“ of musical seasoning, such as detailed knowledge of the instruments and the situations in which they are used are just as important for the result, as the intensive contact with musicians and the experience they bring daily which also plays a vital role. There are now also AER systems available for electrical bass and upright bass, and a variety of accessories. All in all: small, high-quality, high-performing: Simply something different.


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