QUIK LOK is a famous brand known worldwide due to its reliability, creativity and innovative abilities in providing new solutions to meet musicians’ ever changing needs.

QUIK LOK was able to gain an important market share throughout its many years of experience in the music field. Offering high quality products designed and
manufactured to excellent standards and ensuring the best service, along with after sales assistance and a focus on complete customer satisfaction at all times.

At QUIK LOK, all products, from start to finish, are designed and produced using only the finest quality materials and the industry’s most technologically advanced machines ranging from automated welding robots, metal tube contouring equipment, a computer controlled steel cutting laser and a state-of-the-art powder coating facility.

Teams of specialized workers control every aspect of the manufacturing process of all products. We are committed to offering new solutions to solve musicians’ problems and ensure the best service, after sales assistance and complete customer satisfaction at all times.

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